Snail Shots

Green Things X-Ray Seashell
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The thumbnails below and the slideshow to the right give some idea of the beauty of these prints. Each photo can be printed in positive, sepia, or negative (or special order any color).
I also offer three formats based on the frame you'll be using. These are Universal (square - you crop), 4-6 to 23x36 inches, 5x7 inches, and 4x5 inches to 16 x 20 inches. You can fine-tune the cropping for all formats.

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Sea Horse Harp Shell Channel Whelk Melon Shell Fig Shell Pink Murex Spider Shell Fresh Water Pond Snail Shuttlecock Egg Cowrie Spiny Murex Spindle Shell Tibia Shell Winged Murex Turritella

About the Shells above:
Sea Horse
... OK ya got me this isn't a shell it's my only fish.This is an Xray photo of the Northern Sea House, Hippocampus erectus, also called lined sea horse, and was once called Hippocampus hudsonius. It's also called the spotted seahorse. It is a species of fish that belongs to the Syngnathidae family.

Harp Shell ... Xray photo of Ventral Harp Shell, Harpa ventricosa. Family Harpidae Harpinae

Channeled Whelk ... Xray photo of channeled whelk, Busycotypus canaliculatus, previously known as Busycon canaliculatum belonging to the family Buccinidae.
Baler Shell ... Xray photo of India Melon, Indian volute, or Baler Shell, Melo melo. Family Voultadie, the volutes

Fig Shell ... Xray photo of Ficus ficus, Fig Shell found along the eastern coast of North Americia from North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico. Family Ficadae

Pink Murex ... Xray photo of Pink Murex, Murex erythrostomus, Family Muricindae. Also known as rock snails or murex snails

Spider Conch ... Xray photo of Spider Conch, Lambis lambis, Family Strombidae, the true conchs

Pond Snail ... Xray Photo of Apple Snail, Pomacea sp. Fresh water pond snail

Egg Cowrie ... Xray photo of Shuttlecock Egg Cowrie, Volva volva. Family Ovulidae. Also called false cowries, ovulids

Spiny Murex ... Xray photo of Spiny Murex or Venus Comb murex, Murex pecten, Family Muricidae, the rock snails or murex snails

Spindle Shell ... Xray photo of Spindle Shell, Fusinus colus, also called the Distaff spindle, Family Fasciolariidae, the spindle shells

Tibia Fusus ... Xray photo of Tibia fusus, family Strombidae, the true conchs. Mostly found in offshore waters where there is plenty of sand.

Winged Murex ... Xray photo of Winged Murex, Pteropurpura trialata, a predatory sea snail of the family Muricidae

Screw Turritella ... Xray photo of Screw Turritella, Turritella trebra. Also called Screw shell, Auger, Great Screw shell. Family Turritellidae